About us

Pawmetrics® is an animal biotechnology company building the world's most advanced implanted biosensor. The sensor will be capable of diagnosing common diseases that affect cats and dogs, along with precise in-body temperature measurements.

More accurate than wearables, our smart connected device will give you life saving information about your pet's health. 

Pawmetrics® won a place on the French Tech Ticket Competition programme in 2017. 

We are working with French and UK science and technology partners to develop the sensors, with the aim of having our system available for purchase by pet owners and vets in 2020. 

We are Ava Lawrence CEO and Alastair McMahon COO.

UK Registered Company Bastet Biotech Ltd 11531778 trading as 'Pawmetrics' 

Sophie, our Chief Feline Officer, sadly passed away at 16 years old from lymphatic cancer in February 2018. Thank you Sophie for your love and inspiration. Rest in peace.