Sensing your pet's health

Personalised healthcare for your pet with the world's most advanced microchip

What is Pawmetrics®?

Our ambition is to replace the current microchip in cats and dogs with a smart biosensor which can monitor your pet's health in real time via an app. More accurate than a wearable device, our vision is to help animals around the world live longer and healthier lives

Our Pawmetrics® app

Will give you day to day information on the health and wellbeing of your pet, so you can adjust their diet and exercise if needed

An early warning system

You will be alerted to early warning signs of your pet's illness before physical symptoms are visible

You and your vet are a partnership

You will have more knowledge about your own pet's health, allowing you and your vet to work together to optimise the health of your pet

Anywhere, anytime for peace of mind

You can see your pet's health while you are at work or when you are travelling

The Pawmetrics® system


Biosensor technology has the potential to transform the veterinary sector. Having access to continuous real time data helps us to diagnose patients more quickly and to monitor their long term health more effectively. 

Rosalie Dench, Small Animal Veterinarian and Veterinary Advisor to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation